A story that I started writing eons ago. Here’re the portions I’ve converted to HTML so far. Feedback is welcomed and coveted.


: Murder, Cults, Egyptian Artifacts, International Groups, Money & Swiss Banks all have something to do with the ANKH. But what? And why is everybody so interested in getting their hands on it? But most importantly, why is someone trying to kill Varella for it?

  1. Prolog, Introduction and Chapter 1
  2. Brinks
  3. The Grave
  4. Josh
  5. The Library
  6. Background 1
  7. Nightime
  8. Background 2
  9. Brinks has a suspicious Morning
  10. The office
  11. The Coffee Shop
  12. Vernon Arther Fisher
  13. Perlman
  14. The Third Time

……….. Lots more to come

If you’d like more to read, there’s about 20 more chapters. Please email me.