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These are a collection of some of the sermons & talks* given in the last few years. There are many others from the last 20 years, but they still need to be cleaned up and put on line.
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If you would like to schedule Neil to speak to your group or at a retreat, please contact us by email.
Retreats that cover an entire series of topics to Adults, High Schoolers or Junior Highers are also available. We can always tailor it for your group.
On the other hand if you’d like to teach the content of these talks to your groups yourself, NO BLIND FAITH is quite happy to give you permission to use them if they can be used for the Glory of God. To get permission please contact us by email (not the guest book) include the church group, the age of the audience and information about yourself. If you would like the slides that go along with these talks please mention that too. Our intent is to educate you and prepare you to be able to give these same presentations in your church and youth/adult groups.
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Please note that while I’ve done my very best to avoid any sort of Theological heresies, I am quite aware that we all make conceptual mistakes now and then. So if you see any apparent heresies that I have missed or are unintentionally here, please contact me and I’ll check it out and correct it as needed. – Unfortunately, unlike the original Greek and Hebrew Scriptures, I cannot claim that my work is Divinely Inspired.
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