Continuing from Last Week

1. What is “unwholesome talk”? Is it only cussing? What else is included here? What is cussing? What about the word “Damn”? How about “Bloody” or “Hell”? How about “Darn” and “Hell” and “Fudge”? How about the word “crap” why is that any different for it’s corresponding “worldly” word?

How about jokes about “bodily functions” or actual bodily functions e.g. burping ? Where, in your opinion, is the line drawn?

2. Is it the attitude that we have to deal with? Is it then wrong to be frustrated? Or to notice a mistake you made and say “Oh Shoot, I have to fix that?” Is there a correct alternative?

3. What is “that which is used for edifying”? Obviously it includes encouragement and praise etc. But what else is edifying? Does this mean that you as a Christian should always be sweet and nice and cheery to people?

What is the meaning of “edifying”? How about words which the recipient doesn’t really want or like? How about painful words? Can they be edifying?

4. How do we grieve the Holy Spirit? Could this mean grieving the Holy Spirit in others as well? What does it mean to grieve the Holy Spirit? What is the result of grieving the Holy Spirit? See Is 63:10 also. What does this mean? Is this the same kind of thing implied here?

5. What does “sealed by the Holy Spirit for the day of redemption” mean? Can we become unsealed? Is this a ‘post-acceptance of Christ’ action? What is the day of redemption? Are you sure that’s the answer? See Rom 8:23 and I Corr 1:30 does this change any of your previous answers?