Quote of the day: Knowledge is Virtue (Socrates)

Addendum to the above Quote: The most literate nation in the world in 1941 was a small country in Europe called __________.

(Teacher’s Note: Germany)

Addendendum: Knowledge without Morality is deficit.

Addendumdum: On some issues Socrates was a greek (whoops geek).

1. Repeated from last week. Slaves? Slaves? Over the centuries some Christians have used this and other such verses to justify the keeping of slaves. Over the last few decades, anti-Christians have used this and other such verses to show that Christianity is morally deficient and racist.

What was Christ’s effect on the relationships between mankind? What verses support this? Was this a new concept?

What is Peter really trying to say here? How do you defend the Bible against your local resident Anti-Theist?

What are some reasons that the Bible never came out and denounced all slavery?

Extra Credit: Why did slavery stop in the US? Who initiated it? What did England do about Slavery in 1833? Why?

Teacher’s note: Read up on William Wilberforce of the British Parliament.

2. Verse 25: By His wounds ye are healed. What sort of healing is this talking about? Some Faith Teachers say this means Christians who aren’t 100% well have too little faith. Where does this verse originate from? Is this what Peter is talking about? What sort of healing is this?

If we have time- Another abused Verse: “I can do all things through Christ”. Where is it, what is its context? What does it really mean?

NEXT WEEK: SUBMISSION & Male Chauvenistic Dogma (Women are you ready????!!!)