1. Is it wrong to impose our values on the world? Why or why not?

(Throw in the Wrench question 1: What were we doing in WWII or the Civil War then?)

(Throw in the Wrench question 2: Is insisting that you NOT impose your moral values on other people a moral value in itself?)

2. How do we define our values? Is it a black and white system or are there gray areas?

3. What is wrong with two adults doing their own thing in private?

4. Is it OK to condemn something (not some person) when we have been guilty of the same thing in the past?

Or when we could see ourselves doing the same thing?

5. Have you ever been on the other side: i.e. before you were a Christian? What was your reaction then? Have your thoughts changed since then? What do you wish had been done different? What was done right?

6. Are you sometimes afraid to identify yourself as a Christian? Why, why not? In what situations.

What are the consequences of identifying yourself as a Christian? At work? With BC friends?

7. What does it mean to stand up for our values?

How do we stand up for our values? What is effective? What is not?