Jesus says we cannot exist as Christians without him.

Jesus says we can ask whatever we wish and it will be given to us.

Jesus says we are no longer servants but friends.

Jesus says He chose us.


What is the context of this section? What is the background? Why is it being said here?

How could someone imagine they could be a Christian and not “remain” in Christ?

What does “remain” mean?

What is the fruit Jesus is talking about?

If we don’t have this fruit does it mean He is not in us?

Can we actually ask for “anything” and get it? What are the restrictions and conditions?

Are we to die for our friends? How about our enemies?

What are the privelages of a friend vs. a servant?

What does it mean to ask in Jesus’s name? Is it a “magic” word?

What does it mean the Jesus chose us? Is he talking ONLY to the disciples ,or all of us?


How do we apply the knowledge we have learned?

How does it affect how we live our lives and view our lives?