“No Blind Faith” is a speaking and teaching ministry dedicated to the teaching and proving of the following premises:

  1. All Blind Faith is dangerous (including Atheism)
  2. Christianity IS NOT a blind faith (though many Christians have blind faith Christ).
  3. Christianity is a Rational Faith built on a Logical and Historical Foundation: To prove this we provide the following arguments:
    • We can prove that it is more reasonable to believe God exists than not. CLICK
    • We can prove that the Bible we have today is 99.8% accurate as what was originally written. And we have all variants of the 0.2% of the words that we are unsure of noted in your Bible and none of them change the basic Theology of the Bible on any major issues like Salvation or the Divinity of Christ CLICK
    • We can prove that Jesus really existed using non-Biblical Historians and non-Biblical sources
    • We can show that the Disciples died for their claim that Jesus rose from the dead.
    • We can show the early beliefs of the early church has not changed from what the Bible claims.
    • We can show that the Grave of Jesus was empty
    • We can show that the Apostles did not steal the Body nor did Jesus merely swoon on the cross.
    • We can show with a case that would stand up in a court of law that it is more reasonable to believe Jesus rose from the dead than any other theory.
  4. It can be historically proven that all other religions are based on Blind faith. This is not an insult, all other religions themselves claim to be based on unsubstantiated faith.
  5. Apologetics is the way to counter the spread of Blind Faith.
  6. Apologetics is an excellent witnessing tool and should be learned by all.
  7. Theology is important as you can get dragged into heretical cults without a solid knowledge of Biblical Theology
  8. Relationship is important as you cannot witness to someone unless they respect you both emotionally and rationally.
  9. Emotions are important as long as they are not used to validate facts and come “after” the fact, or as an initial cause to study the facts.

  To educate yourself about Apologetics click here for a resource list.

To find out more about the dangers of Blind Faith, Read or Listen to the talk: MythBusters 

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