• Incredulity of Thomas
Recommended Links
Dad’s (Prof. MM Ninan’s) Home Page
Make sure you check out Dad’s paintings.
Chris and Mindy Kent’s Web Page My other lil’ brudder’s page.
The Bible Gateway
A great way to look up passages and search for key words in the Bible in many different versions.
Latest Movies Preview Site 2
Don’t pay Hollywood your $9 until you know what sort of abuse you are going to experience for it.
Stand To Reason
One of the best sites for defending the faith, easy to understand, and Greg Koukl is a fascinating speaker.
Family Research Council
News of laws and what’s happing in Washington DC that will affect your life if you don’t get involved. Lots of good research on social issues.
CRI (Christian Research Institute)
For excellent information about cults and apologetics (for the defense of your faith)
The Christian Coalition:
Keep up to date on the laws and issues
Read some of Neil's Blogs on Frank Turek's Site:
Join the VAC and become part of Operation:
Values Matter
When political appointees do something stupid like push "diversity training" in your Elementary School, do you want to know about it? Click Above Link