Everybody is looking for a God, some just want to Him to be defined by their selfish desires.

1. Test the Spirits….How do we test the Spirits? How about if we have to test the spirts in something that is not interactive e.g. the writing of false prophets? How do we test that? How about other religions or denominations? Is this the only test? E.g. how about Catholicism?

2. “He who knows God, listens to us”….Who is us?

3. What does… “God is Love” mean? Is love God?

4. Why would a “God of love” allow so much strife and trouble and pain in the world? Many people say that they can’t believe in a God that would send people to hell. Because they believe that God is love. Discuss why they are or aren’t wrong.

Throw in the Wrench Question: Is God a God of love? Is He a God of love only?

5. Which other religion has a loving god? Where do people get the idea of a loving god? Is a loving god a logical conclusion? What type of god/gods do other religions have (specially pre-Christian religions)?

6. If a loving god is not common in other religions, where did people get that concept? If they got it from the Bible, is their perception valid? Are they getting the whole story?

Throw in the Wrench Question: Why don’t people want to take other aspects of God out of the Bible? Why do they only want the love part but never any other part?

Next week’s question: 1. 1John 4:7 …….and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God…. The one who does not love does not know God……Everyone who loves whom, what?