Read the entire question set before you start, as many answers will be related.

1. Women be submissive! Does the N.O.W. gang have a valid beef against this statement and other such statements in the Bible?

“In the same way” is how the statement starts out. In the same way as what?

2. See verse 6. Obey…call him lord? What’s the deal here? Is Christianity a Male Chauvinistic Religion, or a male dominating religion? Are the Women’s libbers finally the first women to have a brain and speak out against this inequality?

3. Read 1 Cor. 11:8 onwards and 1 Tim 2:11-14 for more N.O.W. ammo. Women, do you have a problem with this?

4. Does there have to be a head of a family? Can’t both be equal? Can’t both have an equal vote in all matters? Why should the men be the leader? Couldn’t the wife be the leader in some families?

5. What are the commandments to Women regarding their husbands?

What are the commandments to Men regarding their wives?

List both side by side? Which is stricter? Which demands more sacrifice?

Next week: The evils of wearing jewelry and braiding your hair.