Quote of the day: If Jesus had never been born, Gloria Steineim would be wearing a veil. (James Kennedy)

Addendum to the above Quote: And if she complained, she’d have been beheaded for her concerns.

1. Submit to every institution/ruler? Who is Peter trying to fool? Does this mean “every” institution or ruler? How about Hitler?

Throw in the Wrench: At what period of time was this written? Answer: While Rome was under Nero probably, indicating that Peter knew very well about the terrors of evil rulers.

Find occasions in the Bible that show people who disobeyed an evil king or ruler or leader. What was their reward? E.g. Pharoah and the Midwifes, did they have an other option?.

Is the Bible consistent? Does Peter know what he is talking about?

When should we not obey an evil king?

Teacher’s note: Talk about the difference between active and passive refusal. If a King says you must actively do evil verses allow you to do evil. How do we then deal with Hitler and the people who saved the Jews e.g. Corrie Ten Boom. There is a dilemma here that is not answered in the Bible. Also remember we could argue that no despotism is worse that anarchy.

2. How does obeying a good or evil despot silence the ignorance of foolish men?

If we don’t get to Q3, do some research on it next week. Look it up in a commentary and a Greek/English dictionary.

3. Slaves? Slaves? Over the centuries some Christians have used this and other such verses to justify the keeping of slaves. Over the last few decades, anti-Christians have used this and other such verses to show that Christianity is morally deficient and racist. What is Peter really trying to say here? How do you defend the Bible against your local resident Anti-Theist?

Teacher’s note: The Greek word here used is not the word for Slaves, actually it is the word for Servant or freemen. But the principle still stands.