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Do you want to learn more about Apologetics?
Apologetics Information
and Resource List
  1. Are serious about learning if your faith is rational and based on facts or
  2. Want to defend your faith and teach others to defend their faith, or
  3. Want to be able to engage in discussions with people about Christ and start evangelizing without getting in trouble, or
  4. Want to immunize your kids by developing a culture of apologetics in your home or
  5. Are not a Christian or
  6. Are a Christian who is starting to doubt your faith, …>
..then you need Apologetics.
What is Apologetics?
Apologetics doesn’t mean saying you are sorry. The term apologetics comes from the Greek word “apologia,” which means “defense” or “answer.” Apologetics is the task of defending Christianity rationally, philosophically, logically and scientifically. The origin of the concept of apologetics lies in the beginnings of Christianity. The concept of Blind Faith was refuted by the Early Christians and punished by God.
How do you learn Apologetics?
You need to start reading and understanding the facts and basis for the roots of the Historic Christian faith. To allow you to do this, I’ve listed some useful resources.However what I recommend you do, is not just read this information, but commit perhaps to occasionally leading a study with a group of friends on this topic. By teaching this to other people you will learn the most from it and you will spread the good news. You learn best by teaching. I can help you get slides, notes and any of the resources that you will need to teach a great study on Apologetics where both you and your study learn.
Resource 1: CD’s and MP3s

The easiest way for me to learn new things is to listen to interesting speakers on my CD player or on my iPOD as I drive (no don’t use the headset while you drive, use an FM transmitter attached to your iPOD so you can hear it on your car speakers).The best source for this is Stand to Reason’s “Ambassador Series.”

This is a set of CD’s that walk you step by step through all the basic issues of Apologetics and Reasoning. They are all easy to understand and the teacher, Greg Koukl is easy to listen to and very engaging. You won’t be bored and you won’t regret it. My wife says she likes his teaching even better than mine.

You can go to this website to order these CDs: www.str.org. Go to their “store,” select “Shop US” and enter this into the search field: “Ambassador Basic Curriculum.” You will see 3 sets of CD’s each set is about $25. It’s well worth it. You can buy all 3 for $70. (No I don’t get a cut…).

www.str.org has many other great resources and they also have a lot of information that you can search, to find answers to your questions. Anytime someone asks you a tough question, you can go there and look it up. There are also some great CDs with debates that will teach you how to answer many of the toughest questions.

Here’s a list of pages with Podcasts & MP3’s of talks and Debates:These links list multiple great PodCasts that you can download to your iPOD or MP3 player or play on your computer.



The Veritas Forum Podcasts: http://www.veritas.org

Phil Fernandes’s Talks: http://server.firefighters.org/fernandes.asp

William Lane Craig debates: http://www.stafforini.com/blog/william-lane-craig-a-complete-list-of-debates/




Resource 2: Books

If you are a reader of books, then here are the books I recommend you start with:

  1. The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
  2. The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel
  3. The Resurrection Factor by Josh McDowell
  4. The Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Strobel
  5. Who is Agent X: Proving that Science and Logic show it is more reasonable to think God exists by Me.

You can find most of these at a church bookstore or on Amazon.com or at a local Christian bookstore. There are lots more but this will get you started. Once you have read these, email me and I’ll suggest a few more. There are numerous books out today that deal with a lot of what the secular world tries to feed us.

Resource 3: Websites

Spend some time on these websites and you will be well equipped:

  1. Stand to Reasons’s website: www.str.org

As I mentioned before this is a great resource. You can do a search for any topic to find out apologetics info on it. Greg even has a weekly radio show where he deals with the toughest questions the radio audience can throw at him. If you download the podcast on a regular basis, you can learn how to respond to the greatest critics of Christianity.

  1. William Lane Craig’s website: www.WilliamLaneCraig.com

William Lane Craig is an excellent debater and has won numerous debates on the Resurrection of Jesus and on the existence of God. He has never lost a debate with an atheist according to audience polls. In fact, Craig is so good, and effective that when he is debating an atheist, you usually feel sorry for the atheist.

  1. Lee Strobel’s website: www.LeeStrobel.com

Lee has many great video clips on various topics. You can use his clips for Bible Studies as well.

  1. My website: www.NoBlindFaith.com (this site)

Go to the pull down menus and select Sermons/General Topics. I recommend you read the following to start with. It will give you a good foundation for much of your questions. If you want to teach a Bible Study on any of these topics (and I highly recommend it) please email me and I can send you notes and slides for which ever one you are teaching.

  1. MythBusters/Blind Faith – How Blind Faith is Evil and a comparison of the Major world religions).
  2. The Singularity and Who is Agent X – Where did God come from? (Use science and logic to prove that it is more rational to believe God exists than to believe he doesn’t)
  3. How to win Abortion arguments without using the Bible
  4. How to respond to Suicide Statements (This tells you how to respond to silly statements that people make like: It’s wrong to force your moral values on others. Or There is no absolute Truth, or You can’t know anything for sure about God. You can find out why they are called Suicide Statements too)
  5. Why study Theology (Why it is critical for every Christian to understand the details of what the Bible Teaches).
  6. Why God must punish Sin and Why Christ had to die.
  7. The reliability of the Bible, where we got it and a refutation of the DaVinci Code
  8. The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus
  9. Why? He thinks He’s God (The Sovereignty of God)
  10. Absolute Morality (Is there an absolute morality? If there isn’t why was Hitler wrong? If there is, why do we get to decide what it is and not Hitler).


Resource 4: If you live in the Silicon Valley Area: Local Mailing List for Apologetics Events

There are many occasions when well known apologetics teachers come into San Jose to speak or debate. These are great events to invite skeptical friends or kids to. If you want to get on a mailing list to be alerted whenever something like this happens you can sign up for this here.

Most of all have fun.

My email address is neil_apologetics@NoBlindFaith.com


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